Is it ‘Ok’ to take ‘Walk Breaks’ in a ‘Timed Run’ ?

The other day I had to run a ‘timed run’ at ‘race’ pace. This run is a close simulation of your race pace strategy. Ideally you test yourself, whether, as a runner, one is able to hold on to desired pace for a target distance. The GOAL is to practice your pace over distance before the big day. But is it normal to take a walk break in a timed run?

Similarly is it normal to redeem or liquidate from your investments before hitting your goal? Reason for this behavior could be unplanned expenditure or an emergency or spending urge.

However one cannot postpone or delay important time bound life goals. So have some reserves or strategies for such ‘walk breaks’ that slow you down. As a result, you may take more time to achieve your goals.

One way to recover lost time is run faster than race pace. Similarly if you liquidate investment mid way make it a point to invest back or invest more to cover up lost ground.

Few strategies one could follow:

– Create contingency plan

– Stick to your goals

– No process diversions

– Create a fund for your unplanned desires & urges

If the above is in place then a ‘walk break’ will not be required or you may now have to dig from your goal based investments to tide over the expenditure.

Content: Ajit Kaushal